There are many different ways to make extra money nowadays. The methods are not that hard and can be very lucrative. One of the ways is by becoming a reseller in Malaysia.

It is a great and easy way to generate more money for yourself along with the salary from your full-time job. However many people do not know about the reselling business.

In this article, we will explain to you why you should be a reseller in Malaysia and some useful tips that you can follow.

Keep reading to find out more about this exciting opportunity! 

5 Reasons You Should Be A Reseller

1. Flexible

One of the best things about being a reseller is that your schedule depends entirely on yourself. This means that you can choose to do so whenever you are free.

Due to this, it allows you to have a full-time job to focus on which acts as your main source of income. Your reselling business helps you to generate even more money.

You can choose to focus on your business on the weekends or even during the seasonal holidays where you tend to have more days off work.

The flexible method and schedule is a huge perk of being a reseller in Malaysia. 

2. Does Not Require A High Budget

reseller malaysia

If you choose to resell new products, there are many cheap products that you can buy and sell at a great profit.

Many companies, especially in China, will market products at a low price if you buy them in bulk. You can take advantage of this by testing the waters and advertise the products.

If you receive positive feedback and demand, you can then order the product and sell it at a price where you can stand to make profit.

3. Recouping Losses

If you are the type of person that buys many products when they are on sale but eventually don’t use it anymore, reselling them is a great way for you to make that money back.

Clothes and shoes are very easy to resell to your friends or through social media. If they are in great condition, you will not have trouble selling them and will stand to recoup losses.

 4. Does Not Require Many Skills

reseller malaysia

If you are new to the reselling businesses,  do not worry because it is very easy to understand as it is not complicated and can be run by those who do not have any previous experience.

The most important thing is that you have good communication skills so that you can talk well with your customers. 

If you leave a good impression, they will recommend you to their friends and you can make even more money!

5. Can Be Done Entirely From Home

Another reason why you should start a reselling business on the side is that it can all be done from your home which can save you a lot of energy. 

Just advertise the products on your social media and just wait for your customers to contact you. 

You can set an option for your customers to pick up the product at your house or at a neutral location to make it even easier! 

4 Useful Tips To Be A Reseller

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind if you choose to become a reseller in Malaysia.

1. Always Keep Your Cool

One of the toughest things when dealing with customers is that some of them can be rude. This is where you have to keep your cool and maintain your composure.

If you are rude to them, it will drive them away and they may tell their friends about their bad experience with you. Therefore, always stay calm and be professional/

 2. Always Be Honest

If you are reselling something that you used to own, be honest and don’t lie by saying that a product is in mind condition when you know that there are scratches or bumps.

Customers will appreciate your honesty and will keep coming back to you since they know that they are not being scammed.


  1. Do Not Overinvest

As mentioned before, many companies will market their products at a low price to attract buyers, this may lead to some people overbuying due to the low prices.

If you are not used to reselling, do not overinvest as it may lead to big financial losses which are very bad especially as you are just starting.

Always be cautious and only  invest if it seems reasonable.

3. Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool that you should definitely use when marketing your reselling business. Millions of people use it every day which makes it perfect for promoting

If at first, you do not receive a lot of demand on social media, do not give up as eventually, your posting will be seen by someone who is looking for that exact product!

In conclusion, being a reseller in Malaysia is a great way for you to generate side income.

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