The Scents

From floral and zesty citrus scents to sweet fruity notes. Think about intoxicating musky scent that you love, now you can discover more of our fragrances that divided into seven families


Smells like fresh-cut flowers. Heady, exotic and intoxicating. Rich, full-bodied florals are the essence of femininity. Sometimes provocative, sometimes sensual


It was elevating and energizing. A zesty and tangy character isn't suitable for you?


Driven by the passion to make De"Xandera wearers stand out above the rest, our scents of life are especially created to bring out the best. The series combine confidence and delicate scents, which emanate a last of luxury.


The scent of vanilla is a cozy, comforting scent that can instantly create an inviting atmosphere.

It is a sweet, rich, and syrupy smell that is totally distinct.


From the earthy aroma of sage to the floral scent of lavender, there's an aromatic fragrance to suit every taste


They can be fresh or warm, sour or sweet. From the rich aroma of cinnamon to the bold scent of pepper, there's a spicy fragrance to suit every taste.


Fragrances that have a warm, earthy, and natural aroma that is reminiscent of wood or forest. Woody scents have intriguing, individualistic characters, celebrating notes such as vetiver, patchouli and cedarwood.