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Be the center of attraction, regardless of who you are. Either you are corporate, metrosexual or contemporary, it enhance your confidence and make you outstand from others.


I’m grateful that even if we have not met in person, we can still meet through this website. It has been seven years since De’Xandra was launched in Malaysia’s market. De’Xandra is still very new but alas, Alhamdulillah, it has become a household name and is now in the hearts of our perfume wearers.

The high demands for our scents of life have indeed launched many of our stockists successfully, and we are also trying our best to cater to this demand. It’s still fresh in my mind when De’Xandra was first launched with only 5,000 bottles. With effective branding & exposure, we have succeeded in making De’Xandra apart of the lifestyle & personal branding of many others. The demand for De’Xandra’s perfumes is steadily increasing because it helps those with a taste for international fragrances own the scents that they love at a much lower price.

It’s easy to travel with our petite 35ml perfume bottle and the best part is, it’s solat-friendly! Recently, we launched five new series that provide a variety of selections. I, Ernayanee Nur, founder of De’Xandra would like to thank you sincerely for your phenomenal support! We aspire to give you the most unforgettable experience and to elevate your confidence with our perfumes in our vision to become Asia’s Top Fragrance Producer.

Let passion lead you…

Ernayanee Nur Binti Julaimi



To be a key player fragrance industry dominating Asia Market.


We are leading business entity in fragrance industry.

We supply variety of high quality fragrance that is long lasting , premium and compact

We aspire to create unforgettable experience, elevating self confidence towards reinforcement of personal statement

We strive to develop economically independent entrepreneurs.

Who has the EQ, IQ AND SQ that will enable the contributions towards the greater good.


Derived from the Greek name Alexander, Xandra is the feminine version which carries the meaning “defender of mankind”. This characteristic is the essence of our aspiration to help people from all walks of life become more successful by giving them a way to discover their best potential with our perfumes and our entrepreneurial programmes.


The looks for our new logo, website and products were designed using basic black and white with a touch of gold and burgundy shades as the axis of our rebranding campaign. De’Xandra’s new logo consists mainly of the letter X which makes up as the perfect pillars De’Xandra’s most important elements – love, peace, companionship and harmony.

Malaysia's No 1 Fragrance

We are Malaysia’s top perfume producer and have garnered several awards for the stellar quality of our products. With over 19,000 registered resellers nationwide, we have become a household name and the perfume of choice for many Malaysians.

In 2015, the founder of De’Xandra, Ernayanee Nur Binti Julaimi decided it was high time for her to create her own fragrance line after several years of doing business. The high demand for high-quality inspired perfumes allowed De’Xandra to penetrate the Malaysian market successfully and within one year of launching our fragrances, we achieved RM7 million in sales!

De’Xandra continues to rise as Malaysia’s Top Fragrance by employing intelligent marketing strategies to gain a widespread audience in Malaysia. One such strategy is making celebrities, Nabil Raja Lawak and his wife Zira, our brand ambassadors. We went all out in our branding campaign in 2016 and closed the year with a bang by earning RM50 million in revenue.

Our phenomenal success in 2016 made us more established and has allowed us to grow our company, which is headed by Ernayanee and her husband. De’Xandra continues to evolve by focusing on educating our resellers with intensive product and marketing trainings. Our rapid growth is further enhanced by our products’ brand new look and partnership with AirAsia that was launched in October & November 2017 respectively.

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Puan Hajjah Ernayanee Nur Binti Julaimi

Chief Executive Officer

Tuan Haji Safwan Bin Ismail

Chief Operating Officer

Tuan Haji Reduan Syah Putra Bin Tuan Haji Tono

Chief Financial Officer

Puan Ezureen Nur Binti Julaimi