Driven by the passion to make De’Xandra’s wearers stand out above the rest, our new scents of life are especially created to bring out the best in every women. The series’ combine refreshing citrus fruits to capture the essence of feminine confidence and delicate floral scents, which emanate a taste of luxury.

Classic Series

A combination of deep and floral tones to give its wearers a long-lasting scent that’s both vintage and rich in flavour.

Elegant Series

Feature amazingly rich scents made using a combination of floral, woody and citrus notes that exudes prestige and clam elegance.

Intense Series

Infused with sweet and delicious scents to uplift the wearer’s mood and give its wearer a seductive charm with its romantic aroma.

Luscious Series

A unique blend of citrus, floral and fruity scents to inspire finesse in its wearers.

Dynamic Series

A combination of fruity and floral scents that will rejuvenate the scents of its wearer with each spray.

Deluxe Series

Coming soon the most exclusive women fragrance created by De’Xandra.