Get ready to experience a new way to display your scent affinity. For the new generation of fragrance loverswho value good scents coupled with style and convenience.

Introducing De’Xandra’s 10ml twist and sprayperfume with exchangeable aroma cartridges.
Choose your scent according to your style.

  • Rush

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    Easygoing, versatile, and long lasting perfume, is what a traveller needs the most.
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  • Vibe

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    Clean, crowd-pleaser scent to make you feel good after a hard days’ work.
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  • Class

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    In your high heels and light silk scarves, you can rule the world better than any man could!
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  • Modé

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    Strong scent for the trendsetting young ladies.
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  • Glee

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    Fun and carefree scent that is sure to pull off the girl-next-door look!
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