Travel spray

for her

Introducing Travel Spray For Her .

Any situation is another chance to become more successful . Be dominant and brace for any challenges .


10 Products Available in Travel Spray For Her

  • Belle Nuit

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    The combination of sweet, fresh & citrus make any woman looks more mature.
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  • Chaleur Noir

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    A Sweet & Sexy scent is suitable for high passionate woman that is fully dedicated in her career and in everything that she does. Self confidence is the key to become a successful woman. Someone that has high hopes and dreams and usually she will succeed because she never give up .
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  • Deluna Romance

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    This fresh scent makes anyone can tag along and comfortable being surrounded with Deluna Romance.
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  • Elenor Petals

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    Aquatic floral notes is specially made for soft hearted woman but she knows what she wants in her life.
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  • Fresia Candy

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    Fresia Candy is the combination of floral & fruity scents that suits the characteristic of cheerful woman.
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  • Helena Bloom

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    The combination of floral, fruity & musky is suitable for woman that loves the serenity and peace. She does not like chaos in her life as for her, calmness is the secret of success. A very loving person, kind hearted and motherly. Helena Bloom is perfect for you.
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  • Lourve Forbidden

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    This scent is made for woman with a strong character, very passionate and sexy.
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  • Posh Blossom

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    The scent of fruity and feminine is suitable for those who loves children. This scent is so soft and easy to get along with anyone.
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  • Valerie Luxe

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    Valerie Luxe is specially made for those who loves glamour. Only a person that is cheerful, fun and spoiled can carry this scent.
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  • Victoria Fabulous

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    Amber floral notes is specially made for woman that loves luxurious scent.
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