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What is the key to great marketing? As we all know, marketing is all about making people know your brand. You want your target audience to remember who you are and to instantly think of you when the product/ service that you are selling are mentioned. Here are three tips on how you can successfully market your brand and become a great business person in the process.


In the world of television and Internet, there are two things that people search for the most.

  1. Sex – Ignore this
  2. Jokes

So, how do you use point number two as a marketing material? We prefer to mingle with those who have good sense of humour and are always smiling, rather than mingling with those who are constantly grumpy, because it makes us happy. Yes! It’s how we feel when we connect with a person that makes us want to be friends with them. Think about it.


Everyone loves a good round of fun activity! It’s a great way to interact for kids and adults. That’s why we see that successful speakers such as Pak Ary Ginanjar’s incorporate games into their list of activities conducted during theirs seminars. Why? Because playing games force us to be creative and it allow us to utilise our minds to solve problems. Why do children love McDonald’s? Because they know a Happy Meal comes with a free toy and also because a trip to McDonald is like going to the playground. So how do we as business persons use games as a marketing strategy to attract customers?


She is one of the richest women in the world. Her talent in capturing the emotions of her audience through story-telling is so powerful that she has made a fortune from it. Oprah Winfrey is not just a business woman, she inspires us with the stories that she share. That’s why it’s important to build a story around your brand when you market it. How do you want to inspire people with your brand’s story?

Petronas is another good example of marketing through story-telling. They have created the best ads that many Malaysians will always remember.

No one said it would be easy to succeed but if you know how, InsyaAllah it will make the journey smoother than if you market your business without knowledge, or worse, no marketing at all! So remember ladies and gentleman, rethink your marketing strategy and try to include these in it – LAUGHTER, GAMES AND STORIES.

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